Present day


Since the early 1900’s, retail petroleum dispensing meters have been calibrated using volumetric proving technology — a 5 gallon open neck prover. This technology has been effective for many years, but with substantial volume increases in retail sales, the improved accuracy of dispenser meters and the high cost of fuel, the need for accurate calibration has become more critical than ever in order to promote fair trade. Electronic Proving Technology from MeterCal is today’s solution!

How It Works

The EPT (MeterCal) system uses an extremely high quality, linearized Master Meter in series with the meter under test. The fuel nozzle is removed and the hose is plugged directly into the inlet on the master meter. The discharge hose on the outlet side of the Master Meter returns to the tank creating a closed loop system which allows fuel to be circulated through both meters in order to allow temperature equilibration between both meters. Once the meters have equilibrated, multiple slow and fast runs of any amount are performed and automatically captured by the onboard computer. Meter error and fast to slow ratio are automatically calculated and documented. The meter is adjusted as needed and the process is repeated until it is as close to zero as possible.

The EPT (MeterCal) system